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Bosque Brewing Co. Nob Hill
106 Girard Blvd. SE, Ste. B Albuquerque, NM 87106

For us, it's about quality over quantity, taste buds over easy mass production, and earning our customers’ trust over corporate greed. We brew world-class, award-winning craft beer in ABQ with superior flavor that will never be compromised for profit margin. At Bosque Brewing Co., "flavor is boss." We see what’s happened in America’s beer industry and we think it’s a tragedy. Self-proclaimed “kings”, silver trains in football stadiums, and lives that aren’t so high after the weak off-color water hits the tongue. It ends here. Bosque Brewing Co. has a very simple core value system. We now proudly join our craft beer brethren in a revolution fought in pint glasses across this country and the world. It then moves to bottles and cans in living rooms and around campfires. Finally, shelf-space can be rightfully reclaimed in grocery stores and corner marts by beer that tastes as good as it was meant to since the dawn of civilization.