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Red Horse Riding Company
(505) 250-3216

We teach riding the old way. Riding is about your hands and your seat and your legs, but more than anything it's about trust and communication. Riding is a partnership that starts with a bond between a human and a horse. Dogs and cats come into your world, they eat your food, lie on the bed, ride in the car. Horses are different, you have to go into their world. The plains Indians, the great ranches, the cowboy, the Pony Express...all would be something entirely different without the horse. These days we see horses on the race track and in the show rings and in rodeo arenas. The relationship has changed. Horses are diversions, entertainment...hobbies. In the rush of progress the best part of a horse was left behind, left somewhere back in the nineteenth century with the buggy and the telegraph and the bison. Back then a horse was one's only transportation, they plowed fields, roped calves, brought you home in the dead of night with a line of cattle in front of you, raced to get the doctor when a baby was coming. Your horse was a trusted and vital part of the family. An extraordinary relationship. At Red Horse we can give you a glimpse of those days. Our horses are responsive, engaged, well trained and happy. You will ride the mountains and countryside of New Mexico and you will see both horse and country from a different perspective. Something valuable, something worth protecting.

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