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Safe practices, requirements, and status of tourism businesses in New Mexico.  

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New Mexico is full of story ideas to pique your curiosity and intrigue your readers. From well-known topics, like Santa Fe’s museums and galleries, to lesser-known stories, like the high-end balsamic vinegar farm in Monticello, the Tourism Department’s PR team can help you identify ideas for an unforgettable article.

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Outdoor Adventure
Many are surprised to learn that New Mexico is a land of varied landscapes and elevations, allowing for a wide variety of outdoor adventures. Challenging ski runs, thrilling rafting and zip lines, scenic horseback rides, and endless hiking and mountain biking are just some of the experiences that await you.

New Mexican cuisine really stands on its own. A unique blend of Spanish, Pueblo, Western and Mexican all come together to create a party for your palate. Chile, red and green, is the most defining ingredient of our cuisine, and we invite you to try it in cookies, pizza crust, burritos or on top of a cheeseburger.

Arts & Artisans
Explore the landscape that inspired famed artist Georgia O’Keeffe and so many others. New Mexico is an artist haven, and its unique light, endless skies and dramatic mountains have inspired countless artists over the years.

Cultural Heritage
The Land of Enchantment offers a blend of cultures that you won’t find anywhere else. Explore each cultural aspect that makes New Mexico special.