Ghost Tours of Taos

Ghosts of Taos

As you walk the picturesque and historic streets of Taos, it may occur to you that there is something more to Taos than meets the eye in the light of day. Some lingering spirit may have left its mark in the very spot you’re standing. These Taos ghosts are just as much a part of the landscape as the towering hollyhocks, dusty petunias, bancos, portals, and adobe walls of Taos Plaza.

*Please note, Ghost Tours of Taos have paused tours for 2021. Tours will resume in 2022

Ghost Tours Santa Fe

Santa Fe Ghost Tours 

The Plaza has been the center of Santa Fe life for centuries, and many of the characters that lived, worked, passed through, and... well, passed on in Santa Fe inevitably still hang around. Walk downtown Santa Fe with a guide to take a tour through the City Different's past and present, with an emphasis on where you might just rub elbows with some of the capital city's former residents. Skeptical? That's okay—come spook about and see evidence on the tour.

Albuquerque Haunter Bike Tours

Routes Bicycle Tours in Albuquerque

Join Routes as we take you off the beaten path and into the dark & supernatural heart of Albuquerque. This bicycle tour experience explores the lurid history, characters, and culture that make our city unique – a community on the edge of the Wild West with roots in ancient cultures and a long history of notorious outlaws and rogues.

We begin by visiting a haunted saloon and calm our nerves with a shot of premium tequila (riders 21+), then pedal on to explore the legends, frontiersmen/women, and some of the spookiest locations in New Mexico with nothing but a lantern & a bicycle light.

Legends & Lore offers the only all-dark, all-real, all-inclusive, and historically-grounded bicycle tour experience in New Mexico. See locations that are only accessible by bicycle! Are there ghosts & terrors along the Rio Grande River? #seeforyourself

Albuquerque Old Town Ghost Tours

The Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque

Take a fun and informative stroll through the quiet, darkened streets of Old Town and experience the eyewitness accounts of spirits who make Old Town their eternal home of haunting! With plenty of stops to sit along the way, our family-friendly storytelling tour provides fascinating recounts of colorful characters who faced an untimely demise. Professional Tour Guides entertain you with tales mixed with chills and chuckles, this is the perfect Old Town outing and it is no wonder the Ghost Tour of Old Town is New Mexico’s oldest and most famous Ghost Walk!

Albucreepy Ghost Walk

Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Tours

Beneath the towering office buildings and twinkling lights of modern downtown Albuquerque lurk the memories of public hangings, duels, horrific murders, and locations haunted by those who have passed over to the other side. Tales of vengeful lovers, murdered soldiers, and mysterious specters await around every turn. What better way to experience Albuquerque's history than to possibly come face to face with a spirit from the past?

The 90-minute Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk will guide you past 1.3 miles of Albuquerque’s darker side, including historic (and reportedly haunted) sites such as the KiMo Theater, Kiva Auditorium, old Bernalillo County Courthouse, the Wool Warehouse, the former red-light district known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” and more. Albucreepy tour guides are experienced paranormal investigators.

As you walk, your guide will reveal vivid accounts of Albuquerque’s most popular ghosts, explain methods used to detect paranormal activity, and discuss previous investigations at downtown locations. While some tour participants have experienced unusual activity, we can’t guarantee ghostly phenomena. 

Alien models at the International UFO Museum and Research Center, in Roswell, New Mexico Magazine

Roswell Alien Tour

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, the unusual and the unexpected, you’ve got to cross the Roswell UFO crash site off your travel bucket list. Alien enthusiasts know that the southern New Mexico town tops every list of the most significant sites of UFO activity, and whether or not you’re a believer, it’s worth taking a peek into some of our state’s more unusual historical happenings. The story starts with something crashing in the desert between Roswell and Corona in 1947… and from there, it’s up to you to determine what happened. Was it a weather balloon? Or something from another planet? On the Roswell UFO tour ($100 with transportation for up to 4 people included), you’ll see 20 sites associated with the occurrence. What exactly happened out there in the desert? The mystery of it is half the fun!

*Please note, Roswell UFO Tours are suspended until further notice due to COVID-19