New Mexico is Beautiful Because of YOU

New Mexico has always been known for its natural beauty and magnificent landscapes. In order to preserve New Mexico’s beauty, it is up to all of us to act as stewards of this land. Remember to do your part to Keep New Mexico True.

Officer Ontiveros

Meet Officer Ontiveros

Officer Ontiveros’ job is to keep the city of Las Cruces beautiful. As a Codes Enforcement Officer, he works to eradicate illegal dumpsites and ensure other beautification laws are followed. The best part of his job is working with his partner, Libby, to teach kids how to take care of their community.  

An illegal dumpsite is a polluted place that people have dumped their tires, couches, appliances, and other trash onto the land. It is important to always dispose of trash in the right place in order to keep our Earth clean for future generations.  

Officer Ontiveros takes pride in his community and wants you to do the same! 


Libby the Dog

Libby the Dog

Dogs can be Code Enforcement Officers too! Libby even has her own badge. Libby has her own badge with the Las Cruces Police Department that she wears on her collar. Her job is to visit schools with her partner, Officer Ontiveros, to teach children how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  

Libby is very smart -- not only is she an expert at how to recycle right, she also knows how to do tricks in the German language. She lives with Officer Ontiveros who takes care of her and makes sure she is on time to work every day.

L.I.B.B.Y. stands for Las Cruces Is Beautiful Because of You. She works to Keep New Mexico True, and so can you!


Did You Know?

Dog poop causes harm to the environment.

Next time you are out and about with your pet, make sure to scoop their poop! Pet waste can pollute rivers and streams with harmful bacteria. This can make the water unsafe for humans and other animals. Also, who wants to accidentally step in poop? Make sure to bring an extra bag with you on your walks, and throw your pet waste into a trash bin.


Recycle New Mexico

Improve your Recycling Education

Learn more about what to recycle and where with the New Mexico Recycling Coalition.