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Billy the Kid Gift Shop
2385 Calle de Guadalupe Mesilla, NM 88046

Billy the Kid Gift Shop is located in one of the most historic buildings on the Mesilla Plaza. A trip though it is an absolute must. Take some time to look at the old vigas and latillas. This old adobe building has its original 18 inch walls made of mud bricks. It is said to have housed the state capital when Mesilla was the capital of New Mexico and Arizona Territories during the Civil War. Local tales also tell of men working out the details of the Gadsden Purchase in this building. After the Civil War, it was the county courthouse and jail. It was here that Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced to hang. Later it became a bar and today it houses on the most complete Gift Shops in the area. Here you can find everything from fine art to souvenirs. You can even grab a shot, of coffee that is, from Wild West Express-o which is located in the same building. Right on the corner....right on the prices.