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Blackstone Hotsprings
410 Austin Truth or Consequences, NM 87901

Blackstone Hotsprings is located in the historic downtown commercial district of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Our lodging guests enjoy newly remodeled luxury accommodations with in-room baths that allow for unlimited private soaking in each room on the main property. Since the town of Truth or Consequences is named after a TV show, each room at Blackstone Hotsprings takes a TV show (or character) as its theme. In these fast times, the nostalgia of a television show that you grew up with and loved can be therapeutic - transporting you back to a time when lives were somehow simpler. Rooms at Blackstone Hotsprings' main property include: Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Roy Rogers, Babaloo, The Jetsons, The Twilight Zone, Golden Girls, As The World Turns, and The Adventures of Superman. The Lone Ranger Suite and the Guest Bungalow are located across the street, with access to baths from 9am-9pm. Each room includes original works of art, studio photos and posters, a combination of classic and retro furnishings, and just a little bit of kitsch! Both lodging guests and walk-in bathers can use our Wet Room (a tropical paradise with water features flowing from the hot spring for soaking, steaming, showering and massage) or our three new outdoor baths. The Blackstone courtyard is the perfect place to sit and cool after your mineral bath. Relax in the sun or in the shade, read a book, or enjoy the landscape. The Wet Room and the outdoor baths are open for walk-in bathers and tours from 9am - 9pm each day.

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