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Defensive Sites of Dinétah (BLM)
6251 College Blvd. Suite A Farmington, NM 87402

The Pueblitos of Dinétah are managed by the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) Farmington Field Office and include Simon Canyon Ruin, Tapacito Ruin, Split Rock Ruin, Frances Canyon Ruin, Hooded Fireplace Ruin, Largo School Ruin, and Crow Canyon Site. These sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These Pueblitos, in the homeland of the Diné, were constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries and used defensively as well as for shelters and cooking. They are often situated on large boulders or outcrops, allowing the residents to have maximum vantage points. Architectural elements include roofs, hooded fireplaces, hogan foundations as well as peep holes for doorway security. As you visit the pueblitos, you will see many of the ways the Navajo devised to protect themselves on locations high on boulders, doors that are low or behind a protective wall, small windows through which weapons could be shot, and wide views of the surrounding territory. Ladders or hand-and toe holds were often used to reach the pueblitos. Many pueblitos are also visible from several other pueblitos in the area, possibly allowing for communication by signal fires. The Pueblitos are open year-round.