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Glorieta Adventure Camps
11 State Road 50 Glorieta, NM 87535
(505) 428-6424

What type of adventurer are you? 

Can you be found wandering in solitude lost in the quiet of the hills listening to the wild birds sing their sweet song? 

Or are you 40 feet up clinging to the side of a natural rock wall, fingers chalked and gripping, searching for the next hold? 

Do you prefer the feel of the wind rustling through your hair, your feet dangling below you as you zip line through the tree tops of the Sangre de Christo mountain range? 

Whatever your thrill, Glorieta Adventure Camps is here to give you the experience you have always wanted

Call us today at (505) 428-6424 to speak with a camp advisor to answer your questions and schedule your next adventure with Glorieta.

Spring and Fall:

Glorieta retreat and convention center is open for retreat groups ranging in size from 20 to 3000 people. 

These fully customizable retreats bring families, friends and associates together over common interests and hobbies like quilting, mountain biking, family reunions, men’s/women’s retreats, hiking Santa Fe, biking, corporate outings, christian retreats, learning how to strengthen communication and more.

With comfy hotel and dorm style lodging, delicious made for you meals, and an array of fun team building and adventure activities to choose from, the Glorieta retreat center experience is one you have to experience for yourself.

Since Glorieta is located on 2400 acres of wilderness playground, from August-November and April-June we open our world class hiking and mountain biking trails so you can explore and play for free.


Glorieta hosts an exciting mix of Christian summer camps for tens of thousands youth and family groups from all over the country. Families like yours can escape the heat of summer and venture up into the foothills of the Southern Rockies at Glorieta for cooler days as you jump, dive and blob in our private lake. 


We offer:

  • Family Camp-For families looking to grow spiritually and as a unit while relaxing and playing together. And yes, child care is included for you so that you and your spouse can have some you time.
  • Day Camp-For elementary aged children to spend the summer making new friends, growing in the Lord and offloading some of that wondrous energy. 
  • Group Camp-For church middle school and high school youth groups looking to grow together, worship, hike, play and explore new challenges that lead to spiritual growth.
  • Conferences: We host some of the largest Christian conferences in the country with groups like Camp Regen, Christ in Youth, Student Life and more.


Each of these Christian camps are designed to be fun, challenging, and spiritually rewarding. This is a church camp experience that uses adventure challenges as a spring board for Biblical conversations and parallels. 

Contact us right now to speak to one of our personable camp advisors to answer your questions plan your next Christian camp retreat experience.

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