In 1901 the Dawson coal mine opened and a railroad was constructed from Dawson to Tucumcari and the town was born. The Phelps Dodge Company bought the mine in 1906 and increased development. Dawson went on to have its own newspaper, a theater, hotel, modern homes, hospital, baseball park, golf course, bowling alley and more. Dawson's high school basketball and football teams went on to win many awards.  On October 22, 1913, an explosion in the mine killed 263 miners plus two rescuers. Less than 10 years later, another explosion killed 120 men. Surprisingly though, the town didn't die, but rather went on until the mine was closed down in 1950. When the mine closed, Phelps Dodge sold the whole town, buildings and all, to be carried off to other locations. Today, the cemetery is about all that remains.


17 miles east of Cimarron on US 64 and A38

Getting There

Dawson is located about 17 miles northeast of Cimarron, New Mexico.


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