Bed and breakfasts appeal to travelers of every stripe—from the value seekers who want to make the most of their vacations to social travelers aiming to make new friends to independent travelers who want it their way. Modern bed and breakfasts come in every style and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to share a bathroom. Offering comfortable, budget-friendly accommodations, they serve as catalysts for exploring destinations authentically and meeting a few locals along the way.

Here are ten reasons why you should book your next stay at a bed and breakfast.

1. Value

Guests in top destination cities across the U.S. typically pay less at bed and breakfasts than at traditional hotels.

2. It’s All About the Amenities

A traveler's’ wish list for amenities is long, and in many cases, B&Bs offer better amenities than hotels. You’ll get a homemade breakfast, complimentary bottled water in your room, Wi-Fi, free parking, concierge services, and an afternoon snack, whether it’s chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven or a local wine and cheese spread. Usually, all these items are included in the room rate, which means B&Bs offer extraordinary value when compared to standard hotels.

3. Breakfast, Upgraded

Expect a full breakfast spread when you stay at a B&B. New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Association

Just say "no" to instant coffee, yogurt cups, and plastic-wrapped pastries. Bed and breakfast owners pride themselves on their abilities to serve a perfectly prepared omelet or flip a blueberry pancake. The dishes far surpass even the most extravagant continental breakfast spread and are prepared to order if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. Often, breakfast ingredients even come from the local farm stand.

4. Local Expertise

Innkeepers are locals, and have usually lived in the area for a very long time. They’re tapped in to their communities and know where to find the best third-wave coffee shop, the subject of the art museum’s latest exhibition, or a nature trail where your toddler is sure to spot a lizard.

They play the role of concierge and can also recommend outfitters for a rafting trip, where to join a paint night, or the shortest route to walk to the zoo. Sometimes they’ll even book services. Massage, anyone? Unlike at a hotel, they’re only responding to a handful of guests rather than hundreds, so you can expect more personal attention.

5. Passion for Service

Innkeepers treat their patrons like guests in their homes (because they generally are). So, going the extra mile is a daily practice for bed and breakfast owners. Celebrating a special occasion? You might find a bottle of sparkling wine to toast an anniversary or fresh flowers to mark a birthday waiting in your room. Innkeepers are always on the lookout for ways to delight and surprise.

6. One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Some bed and breakfasts offer activities under their own roofs, from learning how to work on a farm to gardening to cooking classes. They’re all the kind of experiences that will transform your trip from an average getaway to a memory you’ll always cherish.

7. Tap into Local History

Many bed and breakfasts are located in historic buildings. New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Association

If you stay in enough chain hotels, you know that you can change cities but still feel like you’re in the same hotel. B&Bs, on the other hand, have a personality and individuality that can’t be replicated. Many operate out of historic homes and some even land on the National Register of Historic Places.

Even if they don’t have that official credential, many homes still have a rich history. In New Mexico, inns have cropped up in historic adobe homes, territorial-era traditional, and Railroad-era beauties. Always take some time to chat up the innkeeper about the home’s history - you might discover that spies once lived upstairs or a Wild West outlaw dined there.

8. The True Town

Most hotels are set in city centers, touristy areas, or by the airport. B&Bs, on the other hand, are more often found in residential areas and guide guests to parts of town they wouldn’t experience if they stayed on the beaten tourist track. You’ll see a more authentic side of the city and for a few days at least, live like the locals do.

9. The Social Factor

A little breakfast hobnobbing or small talk with fellow travelers in the common room helps you connect with other travelers (if you want to). It's a sure way to tap their knowledge and get the fast track of the best things they’ve discovered to do and see in the city.

Plus, that breakfast chat may turn into a friendship that extends to going out for a pre-dinner cocktail and planning next year’s trip back to the inn together. But, if you don’t want to chat over morning coffee, many B&Bs offer in-room meals or private tables.

10. Group Getaways

Many innkeepers allow you to book the entire bed and breakfast for family reunions, girlfriend getaways, or weddings. It can be a group’s home away from home—where no one has to wake up early to make waffles for twenty.

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Originally written by RootsRated for New Mexico.