They’re here – and they’re watching! Just look at the street lights on Main Street. They have eyes. Okay, they’re painted on, a light-hearted salute to Roswell’s reputation as a center of UFO activity.
And the place where I found lots of stories, evidence and displays on the subject is at the International UFO Museum and Research Center at 114 N. Main. I'll admit, I was a skeptic but even I found exhibits that piqued my  curiosity and excited my interest.
I also found intelligent folks who are convinced that visitors from out-of-this-world have been here. Interest in this area began with a mysterious crash in 1947. When you visit, get ready to do a lot of reading. The walls are covered with newspaper articles, transcripts of eye-witness accounts, photographs and other documents. The stories are also accompanied by materials offering more down-to-earth explanations for some of the inexplicable happenings.
Just approach the museum with an open mind and enjoy it. Jazzing up all the graphic displays is a fun exhibit featuring four space aliens with their flying saucer. Stand and watch as the figures move, lights flash and smoke issues from the underside of the craft.
A small area pays tribute to movies about outer-space. Highlight of this display is the humanoid/robot, Gort, from the classic film, The Day the Earth Stood Still.
There’s a lot to absorb here and you’ll find yourself spending more time than you planned. You may even want to spend time in the extensive research library.
Whether you become a believer or not, you’ll learn how UFOs got the nickname “flying saucer.” And you’ll wonder if it’s coincidental that reports of UFO activity became frequent after the world entered the nuclear era. I did!

Elaine Warner is a travel writer based in Oklahoma.  She often writes for AAA Home & Away, Oklahoman, 405, and other top publications that feature travel.