Romantic comedies and perfectly posed Instagram photos set a high bar for a getaway with that special someone. While your sweetie might be dreaming of long walks along the river and candle-lit dinners, actually turning those dreams into a reality can be a tall task. But when you decide to have that weekend getaway in New Mexico, there are tons of options.

No matter what kind of couple you are—a food-loving duo, outdoor seekers, or art collectors—the perfect getaway begins with the right place to stay, and bed and breakfasts are the perfect home base for romance. Innkeepers can even help you with some of the logistics to make that weekend one you’ll never forget, saving guests from having to sift through mountains of online reviews and guidebooks. This firsthand knowledge means you’ll spend less time planning and more quality time together.

Here are a few reasons why New Mexico is the best place to plan your next special weekend no matter what your interests might be.

For the Foodie

You’ll find fresh, local ingredients in almost every meal. New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Association

New Mexico is known for having a variety of influences in its food—Native American, Mexican, Spanish, and even early cowboys—and it shows up in just about every meal. There’s frybread, a Native American recipe made from flat dough that is fried and topped with sweet or savory ingredients like honey or beef. Then there’s posole, a traditional Mexican soup primarily made of hominy. And don’t forget about sopapillas, a Spanish fried pastry eaten with honey.

While most of these dishes are something you would eat for lunch or dinner, bed and breakfasts make sure to include typical New Mexican fare, too. Owners take pride in made-from-scratch creations, from delicious frittatas with flavorful green chile to breakfast burritos smothered in piquant red chile. Dishes are fresh and hearty, often made with ingredients picked fresh from the garden or local farmer’s market, including regional staples like corn, beans, and squash. The meal is far and above the typical hotel continental breakfast spread of grocery store bagels and plastic-wrapped pastries.

For the Architecture Aficionado

If you are trying to impress someone who knows their stuff when it comes to architecture, start with where you are staying. Many B&Bs operate in historic properties, from low-slung adobe abodes to Territorial-era lodgings with a distinctive white trim. Some bed and breakfasts offer unique accommodations, such as stacked-masonry structures built in a traditional round style. Some are even housed in Victorian mansions, an architectural style that arrived during the railroad era along with East Coast transplants. These homes hearken a different era of romance when couples courted and showed their affection with eloquent love letters. And who knows - staying in an inn may inspire you to put down the smartphones and pick up their partner’s hands.

For the Nature Lover

Since B&Bs are smaller than most hotels, they can be found in more unique locations. New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Association

While there are plenty of B&Bs in the heart of cities or towns, many are in rural or outdoorsy locations, which means couples can not only enjoy scenic surroundings, but also get into nature more quickly. New Mexico is home to five national forests, each with ample hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife viewing opportunities. The state is also home to the nation’s first wilderness area, the Gila Wilderness, a designation only given to places offering pristine backcountry experiences.

The Land of Enchantment has more than a dozen national parks and monuments, including a few of the country’s most iconic—Carlsbad Caverns National Monument and White Sands National Monument. You’ll find more than 30 state parks that are often homes to lakes, including the popular kayaking waters of El Vado and Heron Lakes and the speedboat-friendly waters of Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

For the History Buff

With millennia of human history and more than 400 years of history since the Europeans arrived, the state is a haven for history buffs. Relics are always a stone’s throw away, whether it’s Chaco Culture National Historical Park, which is on par with Stonehenge and Machu Picchu for its cultural significance; Taos Pueblo, multi-story adobe buildings that have been continuously inhabited for over 1,000 years; or world-class museums like the New Mexico History Museumin Santa Fe. Couples with this particular passion can even stay in bed and breakfasts housed in buildings where Old West sheriffs rode out to pursue Billy the Kid.

For the Festival Fanatic

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a 9-day event that features more than 500 hot air balloons. New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Association

New Mexico boasts many marquee festivals, including the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Santa Fe Indian Market, Traditional Spanish Market, and the Taos Wool Festival. Bed and breakfasts are not only close to each of these festivals, but innkeepers can also give you insider tips for the best ways to navigate the crowds at the festivals. They can advise you on when and where to get tickets, the best way to get there, when to arrive, and other strategies to make the most of the festival experience.

For the Art Collector

New Mexico has some of the most art in the country, from local creations like Native American rugs and Spanish Colonial retablos to more contemporary paintings and photography. Galleries seem to be everywhere and every corner of the state has its own scene. You’ll find fine art bastions along Santa Fe’s Canyon Road and along the side streets of Taos. Gallup is known for at-the-source Native American rugs, jewelry, and pottery, while other getaway towns like Albuquerque, Silver City, and Ruidoso also have a bevy of galleries and boutiques.

Beyond these traditional art colonies, The state’s full calendar of studio tours attests to the presence of artists and one-of-a-kind finds to collect. Many of the state’s bed and breakfasts boast impressive art collections of their own, either from the innkeeper’s personal collection or on sale for guests to take home.

For a Luxurious Experience

Most bed and breakfasts have quite a bit of privacy. New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Association

New Mexico’s bed and breakfasts have no shortages of luxurious touches, and many of these are already included in the room rate—which is often already lower than standard hotels. Couples marking a honeymoon or an anniversary may be treated to complimentary upgrades above and beyond the already abundant amenities. Bed and breakfast owners see their patrons as guests, not just customers, so innkeepers are apt to go the extra mile to fulfill guest requests—from scattering flower petals on the bed before guests’ arrivals or chilling a bottle of champagne for anniversary toasts.

Bed and breakfasts often offer rooms with private entrances or separate casitas for couples. Of course, these rooms also have dedicated bathrooms. The bedrooms may also be outfitted with fireplaces, jetted tubs, and luxury linens, all of which step up the romance factor. Many B&B owners will also provide in-room meal service at the guests’ request for lazy mornings and a DVD library for the perfect night in.

With extra attention, plentiful amenities, and unique locations, fitting any interest, a bed and breakfast is sure to make any romantic weekend that much more special. Find the perfect New Mexican B&B for your trip here.

Originally written by RootsRated for New Mexico.