Indigenous Peoples Day

Monday October 9th 2023 

A room at Bandelier National Monument
A Cavate (small human-carved alcove) at Bandelier National Monument
Pecos National Historic Park Dark Sky Horizon
Pecos National Historic Park Dark Sky Horizon

On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we join in celebrating the indigenous nations and peoples throughout New Mexico, the country and world. Within New Mexico, there are 23 Native American Tribes who have retained, since time immemorial, a deep inherent connection to their own lifeways, traditions, languages, and cultural heritage.

Today, Indigenous Peoples stand as a testament to the strength and resilience of their ancestors’ teachings as current and future generations continue to practice, protect, and preserve their cultural heritage. Simultaneously, Indigenous Peoples have made, and continue to make, immense historical contributions to the foundation of our State and country, including as environmental stewards, United States Armed Forces service, contributions to scholastics, law, sports, the arts, public service and more.  

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we honor the indigenous nations and peoples of New Mexico and throughout the country and world who continue to thrive to this day.  All are welcome to join in the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day!   

For more information, contact the various heritage centers and museums statewide that offer insight into Indigenous history and event information.