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7th St. Studios
1313 W. 7th St. Clovis

The "Clovis Sound" made popular by such greats as Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, was created and recorded in Clovis at the Norman Petty Recording Studio. Although it is no longer an active recording studio, the original equipment still resides there, and a visit will take you back in time to the grand days of rock 'n roll. Petty's golden ears helped dozens of popular country, rock, and pop musicians who recorded at the Norman Petty Studios-Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Buddy Knox, Waylon Jennings, Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs, Charlie Phillips, Jimmy Bowen, Johnny Duncan, Carolyn Hester, Chita Rivera, Brad Maule and many others. Inside the studios the large dangling microphones, the old control board with big round knobs, the clocks on the walls, the Coke machine, and the furnishings look much as they did in the late fifties when Buddy Holly came to record. Relive the Norman Petty legacy with a tour of the studio, meet The Roses and Tollettes (back-up singer for Buddy). Hear original music recordings that will take you back in time. This is a place you will never forget and treasure for the rest of your life. Tours are by appointment only, and should be booked well in advance.