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Ann McMahon Photography
125 Country Road Silver City

My prints are the result of years of training in fine art print making. I am a fine art print photographer. Every print is handled with the utmost care and printed to archival media that should last for decades. My images are developed in Photoshop software in the same manner I used to develop prints in my darkroom. I use no manipulation in my images and I do not saturate the color in my images. The colors you see are as natural and true to the subject as possible. In fact, I de-saturate for blue cast that appears in photographs taken at higher altitudes. In the case of canvas prints, I spray the canvas with a protective coating that resists scratches and allows the canvas to be wiped with a damp, clean cloth. I then build a frame or stretcher bars and stretch the canvas print over the frame, nailing it to the back of the frame. This is done with the aid of a machine to get the high amount of stretch pressure per inch that is required. When you view one of my prints, I want you to enjoy what you are seeing for a long, long time.