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Astronomy Adventures
High Feather Ranch Road Santa Fe, NM NM
North Central

Astronomy Adventures serves the curious traveler seeking experiences that go far beyond the ordinary. \n\nHere in New Mexico we still have skies that are clear and dark enough to explore the many fascinating jewels of the night. Spend an evening getting acquainted with some of nature's most distant and beautiful creations.\n\nA short drive from Santa Fe brings you to the Astronomy Adventures dark sky site. \n\nDuring a tour, our guides engage your interest by bringing the wonders of the night sky into a level that is easily accessible and understood. The general framework of how the sky works and what is seen depending upon the time of year is explained. Major constellations are pointed out.\n\nUsing star lore based upon Greek mythology and other cultures from around the world, star patterns are explored and placed into a memorable context.\n\nMoving from a broad view of the sky, our guides gradually bring the more remote jewels of the night sky within reach. Through binoculars and telescopes, you will be introduced to close-up views of objects such as galaxies, planets, nebulae and star clusters. The latest scientific findings about each object are shared to help provide a foundation for a deeper understanding of what is being viewed.\n\nA unique activity for families, tour groups and corporate events offering a year 'round schedule with equipment provided. All you need to bring is your sense of curiosity and wonder.