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Aztec Ruins National Monument
725 Ruins Road Aztec, NM 87410

Aztec Ruins National Monument is a stunningly well-preserved example of ancestral Pueblo architecture, artifacts, and culture. In addition to original masonry walls towering three stories tall, a number of 900-year old wooden roofs are still intact. On the half-mile self-guided tour, visitors have the opportunity to walk through many original rooms. A reconstructed Great Kiva sits in the center of the plaza and provides insight into the ceremonial lives of the ancient people. Aztec Ruins is still a sacred place to the descendants of its builders, including many modern-day Pueblo tribes in New Mexico and Arizona. The park hosts a number of special events throughout the year: a lantern display in December, an Earth Day celebration in April, Junior Ranger camps throughout the summer, and more. All year there is a free Junior Ranger program available to encourage kids to discover various aspects of the site's history. This National Park Service site is now fee free. Please check in at the front desk to receive an orientation and a trail guide. Visit the website for hours of operation. 

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