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Big Nose Kate Western Whiskey
545 Camino de la Familia Santa Fe, NM 87501
North Central

Big Nose Kate™ is an artfully balanced western whiskey created by our award-winning Master Blender, Melissa Heim

OUR INSPIRATION The western frontier was famous as a wild crossroads of myriad cultures and influences, a melting pot where fascinating robust new combinations formed constantly. Indeed you might think of the Old West itself as an extraordinary and rare “blend.” And so was Kate, the person: a Hungarian immigrant whose adventurous travels took her all across the new America, constantly seeking new experiences. These stories sparked our imagination and directly influenced the whiskey we have made for you, and for ourselves. Well-traveled. Brave. Bold. A rare combination. Are we referring to our whiskey, or to Kate? The answer: yes. OUR BLEND It’s not another bourbon. Passionate and satisfying, Big Nose Kate™ uniquely blends ryes and malts to capture the essence of the old west with bold spice, dry earth, and sweet undercurrents. Kate would have loved this. NOSE Yes, it’s big: caramel, leather, biscuits, and a hint of smoke. FLAVOR Fully bodied with a rich mouthfeel. Opens with dry sherry and cherry fruit, cereal grain and oak, with a finish of mellow baking spice.

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