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Buffett's Candies
7001 Lomas Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 265-7731

We are a New Mexican institution! Inspired by his grandfather's grocery store in Omaha, University of New Mexico graduate George Buffett (1928-2012) wanted to run his own business. It was his mother, Irma, who suggested making candy- all he needed was  "a pot and a stove." It took much more than that, but in 1956 the sweet business of Buffett's Candies was born. 

George placed high value on honesty, hard work, and fairness- values that have kept his family committed to the constant pursuit of quality. We take pride in the delicious tradition of candy making, using only the best natural ingredients. 

No matter how many pots and stoves it takes, the Buffett Family has committed itself to bringing you the very best. We proudly state - "Our candy is made to eat, not to keep."

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