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Cafe Bella Coffee

Cafe Bella Coffee offers premium artisan locally roasted Coffee, Espresso and blended beverages with a smile for the people of Rio Rancho, Albuquerque and Corrales that are seeking something a little different.\n\nThe Café Bella Coffee concept was developed over years of exposure to great cafes, restaurants, bars, lounges, bistro's and deli's across the globe. Having the opportunity to working along side amazing Chef's, cooks, wait staff, dishwashers, prep cooks, host staff, cashiers, greeters, buss staff and managers. We have learned that the customer is always the customer, we are here to serve and without the customers we are nothing. \n\nCultivating a "local products for local customers" comes to us in as counter reaction the consistent reference used in today's business that people are "target markets". We feel our customers are individuals and foremost people not target market subjects or a number. In this regard we are "Breaking the chain" by operating away from the normal mass produced food and beverage products that are used by many corporate chains and other café concepts. \n\nOur roots come from those long hours working in small spaces perfecting skills, mentoring under great teachers and learning from customer complaints in person. We feel a customer complaint as an opportunity to gain a life long customer if we listen to what is being shared and making adjustments as a result.\n\n*The word Espresso has been explained to mean "for you". At Café Bella Coffee we strive to provide our customers the best products made especially for them one order at a time.