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Chantal Fidanza
1300 Luisa St., Ste. 7d Santa Fe
North Central

Chantal Fidanza is a gifted intuitive with ten years' experience supporting others on the path to healing and spiritual awakening. Her goal is to empower those she works with to embrace their inner knowing and self healing abilities that are our birthright as human beings. Her focus as an intuitive is on the energetic patterns beneath the symptoms that are at the root of physical and emotional imbalance. It is on the energetic level that our greatest freedom lies, and in embracing that truth, we reclaim our power, wellness and abundance. The purpose of an intuitive healing session is to allow one to... • Heal one's body • Release longstanding negative emotional patterns and pain • Open energetic pathways for increased energy and well being • Become more intuitive for greater clarity, joy, and peace • Feel more empowered in all areas including relationships, health, abundance • Connect with one's creativity & soul purpose • Recognize oneself as a Co-creator of the life that one envisions Other Services available by Chantal are the following: • Reiki Treatments for you or your loved ones (including pets, those transitioning, etc.) in person (my location, yours, a hospital, wherever needed) and via distance • Intuition Training Classes • Self-Healing with Earth Energy Classes • Intuitive Practitioner Certification Package discounts available. I look forward to working with you and wish you many blessings. ~ Chantal