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Cicuye Studios, LLC
60 Cicuye Rd Pecos, NM 87552
North Central
(505) 757-3008

Wendy Wilkerson, Artist Statement

I have always been an artist. When I was very young, I would trace drawings and photographs, becoming familiar with the graceful lines of form and space. Mainly through self-taught studies, those early drawings evolved into the fluid interactions between spatial relationships, color and emotion in my works of today.

Since those simple years, my paintings have taken on the intense colors and vibrancy similar to the Yunnan style of painting. The use of “heavy color” brings a brilliancy to the paintings. Delicate rice paper, painted on both sides with pure color gouache, holds the images, while bold strokes of gold or silver defines the images into a mosaic or stained glass effect. Subtle shadings, fine line work, and delicate subjects makes these works my finest achievements in this style of painting.

I also continue exploring pastels, working in a more traditional feel. Art is my life, my expression and joy. This total immersion is reflected in my works.

Welcome to Cicuye Studios!

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