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Corn Maiden Tours
200 Rosemont Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 615-9675

Corn Maiden Tours is operated by Mae Araujo, archaeologist and Amy Atkins, nature/wine connoisseur. The partners are Southwest experts offering guests personal tours and culturally immersive experiences in the Land of Enchantment. All tours are customized and can be adjusted to individual preferences even while already on the tour. Corn Maiden’s goal is to offer tours that are tailored to individuals who prefer private intimate tours, for 1 to 6 guests. Tours include traditions, culture and history of the land from a first-hand perspective. Discovery itineraries include Santa Fe, Taos, 19 Pueblos, Albuquerque and vicinity, all archeological sites, Chaco Canyon and Aztec Ruins-Multi-day Tours, you choose the route and we take you there!  Join us and "Start making your memories" of the New Mexico.