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Double Eagle Mesilla
2355 Calle De Guadalupe, On the Plaza - Inside the Double Eagle Mesilla, NM 88046

A Cafe inside a Restaurant? Sure! The Double Eagle can be a little stuffy with all those expensive wine glasses, crystal chandeliers and gold ceilings so we created Peppers Cafe! A perfect example of Southern New Mexican cuisine featuring Green Chile grown just up the road in Hatch, NM. Northern NM food was influenced by the Pueblo Indian culture and the Anglo culture of the American settlers. Southern NM food reflects a more Spanish and Mexican influence. And, of course, there is the Green Chile! Fire roasted and peeled Long Jim Green Chilies are stuffed with traditional Monterey Jack to which we add White Cheddar and Yellow Cheddar. Then, we crispify and serve the plump chile in a crunchy crust on top of our famous Green Chile Sauce. Man, that's a culinary treat we all the Chile Relleno. Sure, Chile Rellenos are listed on many menus but ours is one of a kind must-taste experience! We make the most of the locally grown chile in the valley of the Rio Grande with a menu truly adventurous. Our Chile Con Queso is thick, creamy and smoothly white with flecks of Green Chile and Tomato. Black beans are offered (with the expected Refried Beans for those Texans!) We try to adopt a different attitude toward food: Green Chile & Cheese Stuffed Fried Wontons or Chicken, Chile & Cheese Egg Rolls, with Pineapple-Jalapeno Salsa! Our Cactus Roasted Brisket with Desert Honey-Chipotle Chile BBQ Sauce comes on a plate or on a Hoagie Roll or in a Burrito! Full Bar