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Flying Star
3416 Central Ave SE, Multiple Locations Albuquerque

Both of us grew up near New York City where we took great food for granted – cheesecakes, delicious deli meats served on fresh rye, superb Chinese and Italian food from every region. This was the food of every man – it wasn’t fancy and it didn’t cost a lot, but it was top quality and tasted incredible. We also used to love the old style automat/cafeterias where you could walk in and eat a full meal or just get a little “nosh”, anything from a dish of rice pudding to a cream filled cupcake. This is the kind of food we like to serve at Flying Star Cafes – not fancy, but really delicious and plentiful. Out here in the West, we kept dreaming of opening a restaurant which served all these foods. We wanted a place where someone could come in a large group or alone and be comfortable. So, in November of 1987, we opened our first location on old Route 66 in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill District.