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General Solutions LLC
211 Cruz Alta Taos, New Mexico 87571
North Central
(720) 366-6684

General Solutions Business Model

“Actively Storing knowledge in the environment.”

A self-sustaining and resilient collaborative comprised of various entities  that are dynamically governed around a common focus.

Vision Statement

We are a conflict resolution-based Community based organization. General Solutions is the center of excellence for a highly skilled information technology community providing a secure global network enterprise to sustain information superiority and continuous individual growth as well as societal prosperity.

Mission statement
Our collaborative strives  to generate solutions at the individual and organizational level. We identify and adapt management strategies to meet CBO needs and management strategies. 

It is our goal to restore individual balance to all and to regenerate an essential quality of life for every human being.  We will seek out those who wish to help themselves and distribute the needed resources to accomplish this task for the group gain.

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