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Graduate Institute
1160 Camino Cruz Blanca Santa Fe
North Central

The program of study at St. John’s College is based on the belief that a genuine liberal education requires the study of great books because they express most original and most deeply the ideas that have shaped our civilization. These books are our most important teachers. They are both timeless and timely; they illuminate the persisting questions of human existence that bear directly on the problems we face today. Their authors can speak to us as freshly as when they spoke for the first time, because what they have to tell us is not of merely academic concern or remote from our true interests. The books change our minds, move our hearts, and touch our spirits. The Graduate Institute offers two degree-granting programs: Master of Arts Liberal Arts (M.A.L.A.) Master of Arts Eastern Classics (M.A.E.C.) As well as non-credit summer programs: Greek Institute (nine-week intensive on Homeric Greek for beginners) Film Institute (eight-week cinema-studies program.) Screenplay Writing Workshop (four-week program led by professional screenwriter, Bettina Gilois - conceive, outline, and complete a feature length script.) Check out the website for more information.