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Heart of the Desert- Mesilla Tasting Room
2355 Calle de Guadalupe Mesilla, NM 88046

Heart of the Desert is an agribusiness based in Alamogordo, New Mexico. That means that the pistachios are not only grown on the ranch, but they are also processed, bagged and marketed all right there. The Mesilla Tasting Room is one of 4 of our stores and gives people the opportunity to experience Heart of the Desert products without having to make the drive to Alamogordo. Currently, Heart of the Desert offers nine varieties of pistachios, plus several pistachio candies and treats, as well as 12 varietals of wine. There is something for every palate. The store offers all of the Heart of the Desert products as well as other gourmet treats and gifts. If after trying the products, you are interested in visiting The Ranch in Alamogordo for a tour of the process, tours are offered at the following times: June – August: Mon - Fri, twice a day at 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM Sept - May: Mon - Fri at 1:30 PM Groups: We are happy to accommodate groups of 10 or more by appointment.