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1345 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe
North Central

Behind the retail counter are over 250 kinds of bulk liquid herbal extracts from which products that are specific to clients’ health needs are custom-formulated. For example, Singer’s Saving Grace® was created while working with performers at the Santa Fe Opera. Once a formulation has been tested and approved, the manufacturing process begins. At Herbs, Etc. each herbal medicine product starts with fresh or dried whole herbs. Most of the herbs are grown on family-owned certified organic farms. These herbs are grown throughout the United States in the climate and ecosystems in which they thrive. Herbs, Etc. is also a certified organic manufacturing facility. Daniel, owner of Herbs, Etc. has been a practicing herbalist since 1976, studying medical herbalism, pharmacognosy and related subjects at the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine, the College of Santa Fe and the College of Pharmacy at the University of New Mexico. He obtained his bachelor of science in herbal medicine at the North American College of Botanical Medicine. His passion for helping others was born out of his own childhood health problems. His goal is to educate both the public and the medical profession about the practical, healing applications of herbal medicine. He regularly teaches seminars and classes on herbal therapeutics, both nationally and internationally. He was senior professor of Materia Medica at the North American College of Botanical Medicine.