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In Sync with Horses
PO Box 57 Abiquiu
North Central

We create exceptional Equine Experiences for visitors, travelers and tourists in the Santa Fe-Abiquiu-Taos triangle area of Northern New Mexico. From our Hands-On Horsemanship (where you will move a 1,000 pound horse with just a wave of your hand - oh, but you will!) to our Horseplay! days, you are sure to find something that thrills. Have a trail riding date already set up elsewhere, but feeling a bit nervous about it? Our one-on-one Tall In The Saddle experience is specifically designed to help you regain your confidence and renew your enthusiasm before you hit the trail. If what you are really interested in is some western riding instruction choose Cowboy/Cowgirl Up! You'll ride an iconic horse of the west - and discover for yourself why they were bred to be as they are. Should you discover that our menu doesn't offer exactly what you are yearning for, just let us know - we create Custom Equine Experiences for the discerning traveler. In Sync with Horses is located in Abiquiu on a restricted, dramatic high mesa. All of our equine experiences are private.