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Interesting Conversations
428 Louisiana Blvd. SE, Suite A1 Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 321-6806

Interesting Conversations is a non-profit with the educational mission to make learning fun again!

We strive to bring outstanding speakers/facilitators together with lifelong learners like you to share their expertise and passion on a wide range of topics through conversation, rather than traditional lectures.  As much as we love lectures, podcasts, and TEDtalks, this is about interaction and sharing.

The topics will be all over the map and nothing you necessarily need to prepare for (but you’re most welcome to use the advance materials and links we may provide).​

We believe an informed, thoughtful, engaged populace is the best hope for a wiser future. Thank you for helping us to work towards that. 

Admission fees to "Interesting Conversations" events goes towards the speaker, overhead, and supporting the awards fund. Our goal is to fund and reward advances in transmissible teaching/learning/thinking/sharing techniques and technologies.

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