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Ironwood Kitchen
5740 Night Whisper Rd NW, Ste. 250 Albuquerque

Nothing is processed; there are no pre-breaded items and nothing frozen. We even make homemade french fries. Family-style, quick-service dining in a rustic setting. We wonder if you can taste what's missing in our food. We hope you just taste made-from-scratch foods. The missing ingredients? Preservatives and all the words you can't pronounce on pre-bagged, pre-frozen, or canned food. We frown on processed foods; what we want to see coming through our delivery door are crates of fresh, whole foods: whole potatoes, onions, blocks of cheeses, sacks of flour, sugar, pinto beans and crates of delicate farm-fresh eggs. New Mexico foods like chile and tortillas need to be just that: New Mexican. Local is our favorite. We speak daily to our butcher and bakery to place our orders for our daily deliveries. Fresh meat and breads make all the difference in finished products. It's not rocket science. It's just fresh food. If you love fast food or conveyor-belt offerings, you may not enjoy our fare as much as we hope. Our fries are a great example: we start with a potato, cut it, and fry it. When you crave a chemically-generated crispy fry, saturated in sodium and made of processed potato meal, we will not be able to satisfy. Adversely, if you want a meal made entirely out of whole foods, and simple baking and cooking products, we can accommodate. We don't consider it health food, either. Just food that's not bad for you or chemically enhanced.