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Jornada Research Institute
PO Box 684 Tularosa

New Mexico is rich in culture, steeped in archaeology, history, and natural resources. Ever want to join an excavation of prehistoric ruins or work with geologists? Jornada Research Institute offers these and other types of experiences, from single-day excursions up to a week or more of field investigations or laboratory studies. Get hands on experience and join our research teams as we make new discoveries every day. Experience 800 year old pueblos, walk in the footsteps of the first Spanish explorers, learn about geological formations that have shaped our state, visit with members of our unique ethnic makeup and contribute to New Mexico's rich heritage. (Disclaimer: actual experiences may require that you get sweaty and get dirt under your fingernails, with blisters on your hands optional, while working alongside noted scientists and cultural specialists.) Visit our website at for more information, to view our mission statement, and learn about specific Authentic New Mexico Experiences!