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PO Box 61 Embudo, NM 87531
North Central
(505) 310-7034

New Mexico Plant Dyed Fine Natural Textiles

These textiles were born as a contemporary application of plant dying. In the process, raw plant materials are bundled together with natural fibers (e.g. fine silk and virgin wool), wrap tightly around wooden rods, and steamed to extract their pigment and tannin and to capture a defined print. All color, pattern and texture are created from the plants themselves, and there are never any chemical dyes used. Each print is an expression of Mother Nature. Nothing more, and nothing less. I harvest the plants throughout the year, mainly from my Orchard along the Rio Grande River where Flora is in abundance, and high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains nearby. In every piece I create, there is a memory attached. An Autumn walk with my son, a Spring trek in the high mountains, a bright Summer’s day or a forgotten leaf beneath in early Winters frost. As such, each item holds personal attachment, and I’m ever grateful to send them to a happy home! No two pieces are the same, as the color can only be extracted from each plant a single time. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of nature made wearable art.

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