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Kenneth Wyatt Galleries of Ruidoso
2205 Sudderth Drive Ruidoso

Kenneth Wyatt, according to the cowboys who know their trade, is possibly the best painter of the horse in Western art. "It's strictly a gift from God," is Dr. Wyatt's own explanation for his talent with brush and paint. "It's this way-- some people hear music in their souls and, in inspiration, they write it down. As for me, I see paintings in my soul, and I just push the paint around until it looks like what I see inside." Watercolor is Jill Wyatt Marshall's favorite medium and her passion for accuracy and detail is accomplished by using a tight, realistic style. Jill has the ability to make the personalities of her models come alive. Jill's love for animals is a constant inspiration, and she excels at capturing the faithful bond between pets and their humans. Delightful glimpses of unconditional love, playful puppy hood, or old and faithful friends are among her best works. "I love to paint children…just being children." The challenge of portraying a child totally consumed with being 4 years old is a difficult, yet exciting one, according to Jill. Her paintings of sugar an' spice an' everything nice or those of snails, whales, an' puppy dog tails are brimming with wit, imagination and charm. Jake Marshall is the newest artist (3rd generation) in the Wyatt family of artists. Jake is the grandson of artists Kenneth & Veda Wyatt and the son of artist Jill Wyatt–Marshall. He began his career in 2007 and is still studying daily under his grandfather/artist, Kenneth Wyatt.