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La Esperanza Vineyard & Winery
100 De La O San Lorenzo, NM 88041
North Central

La Esperanza Vineyard and Winery is nestled along the rolling hills of the Black Range, just 25 miles from Silver City, in the enchanting Mimbres River Valley where the wind whispers the history of the Mimbreno Indians and the lizards scurry to their next lunch date. David and Esperanza Gurule owners/vinters inherited the land and original structures from Esperanza’s mother Antonia Orosco. The land was homesteaded by Antonia’s father, Don Antonio DeLaO in 1906. With Antonia’s blessing David and Esperanza started growing grapevines in 1998. Esperanza means hope, to dream, to aspire. While sitting on the veranda sipping a glass of wine imagine going through a portal into another time, encountering a merging of cultures and people from the original Mimbrenos to the early Hispanic and Anglo homesteaders The surroundings at La Esperanza evoke thoughts of those who have preceded us (Antepasados) and thoughts of esperanza. Come and experience for yourself what David and Esperanza have restored and rebuilt with great respect to their heritage. Experience for yourself the living dream of making magical connections with family, friends, and community in the tranquility of this Tuscan-like valley and savor in the delights of their efforts.