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La Fonda
210 W Main Street Artesia

Backed by years of experience, La Fonda's culinary team is one-of-a-kind. Many of our cooks have been with us for years. Our owner, Clif Perkins, is still head-strong in the kitchen mixing the seasonings for top-secret recipes. Our Chef, Josh Shields, trained at Arizona Culinary Institute and worked in fine-dining establishments throughout the Scottsdale, AZ area before relocating to Artesia to run the back of house. Using fresh ingredients and portion sizes that will make you sweat, if you leave hungry- it's your own fault! La Fonda is still owned today by the Perkins Family- Clif Perkins, son of BJ and Otiska, and his wife Selah. With a brief retirement period from 2005-2008, the Perkins Family continually "serves to please" for the past 47 years. Many patrons enjoy having original menu items, while others benefit from newer menu items added to keep up with the changing times. The original building for the restaurant was a small room- what is now called the "Banquet Room"- and seated no more than 60 people. Today, La Fonda contains 5 dining rooms and a separate buffet room, seating 350 people at one time. Group Reservations- call to reserve a table Mon-Fri for any amount On nights and weekends- call to reserve a table for 10 or more Lunch Buffet Sunday through Friday Take-out available