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Lyons & Campbell Ranch Headquarters
20 L.C. Lane Gila, NM 88038

Built from the 1792 beginnings of a 10 room adobe Spanish and Apache Rancheria, Tom Lyons and his partner Angus Campbell built a million acre cattle empire in the 1880's. The headquarters grew to over 60 rooms, including a Saloon, Jail, theatre, chapel, Bunkhouse, 27 room Main Ranch House, and Carriage house for Tom Lyons' Stanley Steamer. 60,000 head of cattle under the watchful eyes of 75 cowboys, 400 riding horse, 750 work horses and 100 Mexican families working the farms, drove 30,000 head to market each year. Tom Lyons murder in 1917 brought the empire to a halt, his hired killer caught but whoever hired him was never disclosed. The trial was halted abruptly, accomplices were released, and the killer served only a short sentence, to later be pardoned by the governor. Jerry Lobdill's book "Last Train to El Paso" gives a fascinating account of the murder and trial of Tom Lyons. The National Park Service in their publication "The Cattleman's Empire" said the L.C. "overshadows all other ranching operations in the Southwest" and “The L.C. remains as one of the last surviving Great Ranch Houses of the Old West”. Today the L.C. Ranch is undergoing restoration, and is now open for Saturday tours, events, weddings, and has the recently renovated and well-appointed old Carriage House available for guests as a vacation rental (book through Airbnb) with two more apartments expected to be available by 2017.