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Manhattan Project NHP at Los Alamos
475 20th Street Los Alamos, NM 87544

The Manhattan Project National Historical Park of New Mexico is located in Los Alamos. There were over 6,000 scientists and support personal that worked on the design and manufacture of atomic bombs. There are three areas to the park—the Gun Site Facilities, V-site Facilities and Pajarito Site. 

  • Gun Site Facilities: three bunkered buildings (TA-8-1, TA-8-2, and TA-8-3), and a portable guard shack (TA-8-172). These buildings were associated with the design of the “Little Boy” bomb.
  • V-Site Facilities: TA-16-516 and TA-16-517 V-Site Assembly Building - used by laboratory personnel to assemble components of the Trinity device in July 1945
  • Pajarito Site: TA-18-1 Slotin Building, TA-8-2 Battleship Control Building, and the TA-18-29 Pond Cabin. Pajarito Site was used during the war for plutonium chemistry research and later became the main site for critical assembly work at Los Alamos after the war.

There is no public access to the Department of Energy facilities listed above but walking tours of the town are available.