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Mia's Botanicals & Gifts, LLC
2860 State Highway 14 North Madrid, NM 87010
(505) 660-6944

Mia’s Botanicals offers a full array of products with a mission to infuse quality aromatherapy into everyday life, to support a balanced more healthful life, in a simple and affordable fashion. 

Mia’s line of aromatherapy products, offered in numerous essential oil blends, are formulated for daily use. Our vibrant and complex essential oil blends, formulated with expertise and intention, separate us from our competitors. Our clients continue to value our ability to formulate blends that touch their heart and spirit.

Mia’s clients expect their personal care products to support a balanced more healthful life through the safe infusion of aromatherapy essential oils; to be void of harmful chemicals and to be affordable. Mia’s Botanicals support women, men and children’s wellness of body, and spirit through aromatherapy personal care, formulated by our Certified Aromatherapist.

Nature’s therapy formulated just for You!

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