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Mora MainStreet
1 Court House Drive NM-518, PO Box 364 Mora, NM 87732
(575) 387-2308

The Mora Arts & Cultural Compound is a visionary project to achieve rural revitalization through a multi-layered approach centered on the historic plaza and adjacent commercial businesses. While respecting and conserving the existing cultural base, revitalization efforts in the district build on existing assets including sustainable agriculture, arts, culture and history. Visitors who travel through the area can look forward to an invigorated artistic center. This small pastoral community is nestled in the Mora Valley of Northern New Mexico. Established in the 1830s, farming and sheep ranching, and more recently raising Alpaca, have remained an important part of the area’s local economy, the historic acequia water system still feeds the area’s agriculture. The community integrates its’ unique agricultural, artistic, and architectural traditions. Significant structures tied to agriculture and the fiber arts include St. Vrain Mill, Mora Valley Spinning Mill, and weaving gallery. Spanish Colonial arts are an important part of the area, with more than 60 New Mexico Hispanic artists in the valley celebrating their cultural heritage and traditional arts.

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