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Original Way / Chili Rose Beadz
art is gallery santa fe, 26 Sleeping Dog Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87508
North Central
(505) 629-2332

 Chili Rose was born of passion and an obsession with beads and love of the Southwest sensibility. Combining cowgirl and Hollywood glamour, a focus on detailed pattern and texture, Adonnah created a modern style of beaded jewelry. Chili Rose Jewelry creation is the art in the relationship between color, texture, size and finish of the beads. It's the way each component interacts with what's around it. Sterling silver endings with genuine gem stones, Chili Rose beaded patterns and the finest quality of glass beads. Chili Rose jewelry can be worn for any occasion.  Each jewelry piece comes with a letter of authenticity one-of-a-kind hand made by Adonnah Langer in Santa Fe, NM

Chili Rose Meditation bowls: Each bowl is a hand painted "One-of-a-kind" expression of the complexity of life, love and our spiritual journey. They reflect our perfect imperfections and how deep and complete we are. "I know when you touch the bowl you can feel the love it holds." Each bowl comes with a letter of authenticity. You can sit with the bowl in your lap while meditating or hang on the wall as art or place on a cushion or art holder with the empty bowl exposed.



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