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Pueblo of Picuris
Off State Road 75, Picuris Pueblo Picuris Pueblo, NM 87553
North Central

The Picurís people have lived at their current pueblo in northern New Mexico for at least 750 years. The tribe originated in the Pot Creek area and migrated to their current site around 1250 AD. Presently, the smallest of New Mexico's northern pueblos, Picurís is believed to have been the largest at the time of Spanish contact. Due to its geographical isolation, the pueblo was missed entirely by the Coronado Expedition of 1540 and by various other expeditions. It remained undisturbed by explorers until Gaspar Castaño de Sosa's 1591 expedition. In 1680, the year of the Pueblo Revolt, the population was estimated at around 3,000. Further revolts against the Spanish led to the evacuation of the pueblo in 1696. In 1706 the Spanish returned about 300 Picuris people to the reservation from the plains.