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Roadrunner Emporium Fine Arts Gallery, Antiques & More
928 New York Ave Alamogordo, NM 88310
(707) 880-6238

Roadrunner Emporium Fine Art, Antiques and More located at 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo, New Mexico at the historic crossroads of culture arts, history and commerce at 10th and New York, Alamogordo's Main Street since 1900.

Roadrunner Emporium is located in the historic 1900 Circa First National Bank Building and as a result showcases the original walk-in bank vaults and art deco vaults that were installed in 1900.

The main art deco style vault was commissioned in 1898, placed into location in 1900 at a cost of $36,000 which would be $1.2 Million in today's dollars. Each have been restored and are on display to the public as is the history of the area told in an interactive format while still allowing for shopping and showcasing of the over 100 entrepreneurial artisans and antiques partners.

Roadrunner Emporium is the anchor for revitalization of this historic cultural arts and history district hosting classes, art classes, workshops, history tours, art walks, live music, artist demonstrations and more.

Open daily 10 am to 8 pm this unique shop and history tour is a must stop and is fast becoming recognized nationwide as a model for artisan entrepreneurs to showcase their offerings and story - 928 New York Avenue, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Facility Info
  • Exhibits Space
  • Description Primarily classroom use and the historic safe area in upper floor and store areas have been used as a live performance venue, book signing venue and poetry reading and lecture venue. Flexible use and sister gallery space in the gardens of 1110 New York Avenue.
  • Floorplan File Floorplan File
  • Total Sq. Ft. 4600
  • Space Notes Multiple floor facility used for a variety of events such as art classes, lectures and workshops, board meetings. book signings, reunions, live music and performances and more.
  • Number of Rooms 5
  • Large floor Plan PDF Large floor Plan PDF
  • Classroom Capacity 18

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