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Roswell Jazz Festival
Roswell Jazz Festival c/o Stellar Coffee Inc., 315 N. Main St. Roswell

The 9th annual Roswell Jazz Festival begins on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 and runs through the weekend with performances at several venues located within a few minutes drive from the center of Roswell, New Mexico. The intent of the Roswell Jazz Festival is to provide the people of Southeastern New Mexico and beyond with annual festivals and intervening events that display the artistry of jazz musicians from across the country and which are intended to increase the sense of community by providing all who participate with the opportunity to share and enjoy our own artistic endeavors, to celebrate our jazz roots, and to educate both young and old alike in the jazz traditions of America. After hurricane Katrina destroyed his home, renowned jazz pianist and educator Dr. Roger Dickerson sent out a call for help from his friends. His old US Army buddy, Roswell's Frank Schlatter, answered that call and invited Roger to stay in Roswell until he was able to move back to New Orleans. As a means of recognizing the hospitality of Frank and the city of Roswell, Roger was instrumental in the creation of the Roswell Jazz Festival. The Roswell Jazz Festival includes not only performances by some of the finest musicians on the American continent, but has also become known for it's free educational seminars and a Sunday morning non-denominational "Worship in Jazz".