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Santa Fe Goldworks
60 E San Francisco St. #218 Santa Fe
North Central

David Griego established Santa Fe Goldworks in 1972. Born and raised in Santa Fe, his designs are historically inspired from his heritage and exude a meticulous pride and distinct styling. Sought after all over the world, Griego has built his company’s reputation on using only the very finest of precious metals and stones. His signature style of custom inlay gold jewelry adorned with diamonds, Turquoise, Mediterannean and Australian opals blend the old world with a contemporary touch, and is elegant. The workmanship surpasses the materials. Santa Fe Goldworks is located on the historic Santa Fe Plaza and has long been a dazzling showcase of his work, along with a number of outstanding jewelry designers. He maintains a staff of highly trained professionals and craftsmen, many who have had a longstanding career at Santa Fe Goldworks and who understand the importance of a collector’s requisites. His impressive spectrum of clients ranges from newlyweds to the seasoned connoisseurs who are looking for incomparable quality to mark an investment that will serve them for a lifetime. This is what Santa Fe Goldworks is known for, and what has established them as the foremost dealer of the finest jewelry in Santa Fe. They are deeply appreciated for the one-of-a kind handmade pieces reflecting the New Mexican fusion of cultures and customs inspired by the simplicity and the beauty of our native land.