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716 South Collision Avenue Cimarron

A Hall of antiques, woodwork, collectibles, scouting memorabilia, ranch art, and much more set in Cimarron's original brewery and gambling hall established in 1854. You will find antiques and vintage ware of all varieties: furniture, collectibles, books, jewelry, western art, kitchen ware, handmade wooden benches, tools, ranch items, glassware and Boy Scout memorabilia. All housed in the old Schwenk's Gambling Hall in Old Town Cimarron across from the St. James Hotel. The Gambling Hall began as a brewery built in 1854 and along the way housed saloons, gambling halls, prostitutes, blacksmithing and even an early gas station. The Hall is unique as the gifts offered and is worth visiting even if you don't care for antiques. The store is operated by multiple partners and the inventory is always a surprise! Come visit us in Historic Cimarron. Opens Memorial Day weekend every year and closes when the weather turns cold in October with special openings during Holiday events.