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Seasons of Taos
PO Box 167, TCEDC 1021 Salazar Road Taos, NM 87571
North Central
(575) 776-9642

SEASONS OF TAOS blends are unique among all other seasonings... 

A completely original combination of up to a dozen all-natural ingredients, free of additives and preservatives... Perfect as a marinade ingredient for fish, chicken, or vegetables... So good on salads that you’ll use less dressing... or no dressing... maybe just a little vinegar or olive oil or lemon juice or... An excellent substitute for table salt. 

Taste the unique flavor of La Tierra Encantada... The Land of Enchantment... The Four Seasons of Taos! 

Dori’s Original Blend A blend of sea salt, paprika, garlic, and other selected spices

Dori's Chili Original Blend  A sizzling blend of sea salt, paprika, garlic, New Mexico red chili, and many more herbs and spices.

Salt -Free Seasoning  Enjoy the salt-free version of New Mexico red chili, garlic, onion, sage, and more savory spices.

Spicy Southwestern Blend Taos and Tuscany! A special salt-free blend ideally suited for sprinkling on your favorite Southwestern or Italian dishes.

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