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Seftel Gallery
8 First St Cerrillos, NM 87010
North Central
(505) 308-2022

Set in a landmark property in the historic village of Los Cerrillos, Seftel Gallery exhibits contemporary artworks exploring space, time, light and color.

Featuring the work of Paul Seftel, the artist has developed his unique painting style for the last 25 years, to create a timeless and 21st century form of painting. Exposing hidden depths from the natural world, abstract expressive, color-field and minimalist ideas and processes are engaged.

Capturing the ineffable, epiphany, entropy, the elements and forces of nature collide across the surface of the organic abstract paintings. Consciousness and color, stone and metal minerals transform with dozens of layers of paint strata built up over another.

Paul Seftel was born and raised in London, and has lived across the US for the last 25 + years. His work is in private collections across the US and world. The artist has lived, worked and exhibited in London, Edinburgh, New York, California, Colorado and New Mexico, and at Art fairs and galleries internationally.

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